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Thread: How to select a good DVD writer

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    How to select a good DVD writer

    How to select a good DVD writer
    I would like to buy a DVD writer.

    1) I have not many ideas how to pick a DVD writer.
    When selecting a DVD writer, what aspects/specifications do I need to focus on?
    Do you have any criteria when selecting your DVD writer?

    By the way, this is my temporary criteria:
    - support DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW; DVD+/-R (DL), DVD+/-RW (DL)
    - stable (or longer warranty period)
    - can read most discs correctly, even the lower-quality discs (eg data burnt on poor-quality discs, or discs burnt by poor CD/DVD writers)
    - the noise factor is unimportant (unless it is too loud)

    Info about my computer:
    - my motherboard is A7N8X-X, only support up to 2*UDMA 133
    - I have 2 HDDs and 1 CD-RW currently. I think the DVD-writer will replace the CD-RW.
    - I use my DVD writers mainly for reading videos/audios, burning DVDs for videos/audios, and for file storage & data backups.

    Which brand or model will you suggest me buying?
    And **most importantly**, why?

    3) About DVD write types and writing speed:
    .. a) For the write types, as far as I know, there are CAV, CLV, ZCLV, PCAV [any more?].
    Are these factors important when choosing a DVD writer?
    Which one should I prefer?

    .. b) For writing speed, I'm not sure if speed is important.
    Even if they support very high speed, is it unwise to burn at that high speed since it also increase the chance to spoil the DVD?
    If so, what's the point of getting a very-high-speed DVD writer?
    I'd just use the lower speed to burn a safe DVD. :P
    What do you think?

    Maybe it's a stupid question.
    But is it true all DVD-writers can read CD and VCD (Video CD)?
    And is it true all DVD-writers support at least:
    - CD-R
    - CD-RW
    - DVD+/-R
    - DVD+/-RW

    5) Better DVD media
    Apart from dual-layer DVD, is there any better DVD media in the market now?
    If so, what are they?
    How good are they?

    Should I buy a DVD writer which support these DVD media too?

    Thanks so much for your answer.

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    Well, I'm ALSO looking for a pretty decent DVD-RW drive to buy and so far I've found newegg.com to be good because I can view what the USERS think about the item not what the manufacter think.

    Also, I came across this while googling, the top 5 DVD-RW according to Pcworld.com some of these aren't TOO expensive, if you're ordering online, go to pricewatch.com to get the cheapest price: http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/artic...,123931,00.asp

    If all else fails, look for a DVD-RW (AKA DVD burner) and google that model and read all the reviews you can find on this burner to see if it is really what you want, but keep in mind, some of the reviewers might be people who know little or nothing about computers or never tried the product and might say it's bad. So if you only see a couple of negative comments (which I think you will find in all comments for everything and anything) it's alright.

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    hi ,
    welcome to AO.
    Hope you will learn a lot here and congratulation on very good post.Usually more information is very helpfull to get answers easier and mor corect.
    I come accros this article which you can read and compare until more experienced guys here come with few suggestions.
    good luck

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    Thanks for both your answers!

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    I bought this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16827131264

    I love it and it does a great job....

    This is an OEM drive so it comes as only the drive no drivers or software included. This was fine for me cause XP found it without a problem and I use Nero to burn everything anyway.
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