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Thread: What did everyone get for Christmas?

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    What did everyone get for Christmas?

    Well we have a Christmas thread why not make one for presents. What did everyone get? What was the best gift you gave? only things i got was Acqua Di Gio from gore and some movies. besides getting shot and family being well um family it was cool got to spend time with my real family which is 4 people heh.
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    Lets see I got the following :

    Fossil Watch , Ralph Lauren Romance Cologne , a couple of Burton Hoodies , $50 gift certificate for Chapters , The Chronicles of Narnia boxed set that's all I asked for ...

    Overall I am happy with what I received .... Anyways I'd rather spend time with my family, g.f. & close friends then receive a bunch of gifts ...

    B.T.W. which movies did you get mandraketux ?? Feliz Navidad mandraketux ... Street_Fighter_II

    ... Excuse me while I go and play some Street Fighter ...
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    Well let's see.....I got the usual, socks,underwear, a sweatshirt, shaving soap, blades,toothbrush,winegums...oh and a boxed set of the original Star Wars (DVD)...at my age, that's all I need.....

    First Christmas my daughter was not here (in NFLD), kinda weird, prelude to that "empty nest syndrome" thingy I guess.......waiting for the next generation
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    I got

    I got the usual.............. a hangover!

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    I got to gain root..

    I got a new camera. Some clothes, some more DvD's. Mobile Phone, Watch, A gift voucher to get another Tattoo done. Alchahol, And a small headache..

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    Errrr..............................I don't really know.................they have to stay in the tank of water for a week

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    For Christmas/birthday I got a tissot t-touch watch linkey

    was the only thing I wished for, other than that I got the usual assortment of money, gift vouchers, cds and dvds all in all a good christmas
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    Kinda the same as Galdron T3h Ch3F..
    What did everyone get for Christmas?
    I got drunk..
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    I got March of the Penguins on DVD, Halloween H20 on DVD, "devil's Plaything" on DVD (My first German horror movie), the re-release of the first Coal Chamber CD with DVD..

    The Legend of Johnny Cash, Rammnstein Herzleid, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 4, Unhinged DVD, Huge bottle of Armani Acqua Di Gio (I got Mandrake a bottle for his present and got a bigger one from my uncle), More DVDs, House on Haunted Hill on DVD (Original version), The Phantom Creeps on DVD, The Bat on DVD... Lots of goodies.

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    I got... New socks, and a Pumpkin Pie.

    It was a good Christmas. I didn't have to deal with people, and nobody tried to drag me into family ****.

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