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    Best website for home PC security

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me some good websites for home PC security.

    I tried Google, but there are so many sites.

    You are experienced people and I think can help me in a better way.

    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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    WHat do you need ? Firewalls ? AV's ?

    Antivirus: AVG Free (do google search)
    Online scan: Trendmicro housecall (do google search)
    Firewall: Tiny Firewall (do google sarch)
    Malware: MS Antispyware, Ad-aware SE Personal Edition and Spybot S&D (Do google search)

    all free and great which we all use here. Most of us
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    No, I need tips to make it more secure.

    I know abt firewall and AVs.
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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    http://www.freewebs.com/moxnix/ Go to my web site, it will start you on the basics and then read our forums here on 'AO' to gain even more depth of knowledge.
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    Various security tools.


    White papers.

    I still stay do a google search on computer home security and read different things, you'll learn something from each site.
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    Hey guys ...
    I know i dont hav much authority over this things..
    but i wud like to suggest 1 thing..
    check out WWW.VIVISIMO.COM

    I think its one of the best search enhines which gives results as a well clustered search!!!

    Try it out..

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    I need tips to make it more secure

    I would recommend going here for Windows 2000 Guides


    which is, National Security Agency (NSA). Security Recommendation Guides.

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    hi riya,
    well if you post excactly what you are interested in, you will get much more direct (accurate) answer.
    What are you interested particulary in home security?
    How to do what? Secure home pc?
    IF you post which OS you have it would be helpful.
    Then maybe some hardware parts as some modems can be more secured ( like adsl modems).
    if you read 1% of this posts here you will not need any other site and you would became very skillfull pc user.
    Just search this site little bit more and ask specific topics you want to know.
    I am sure guys here will come with required answer.
    Follow copyright suggestions as they are practicly must on any pc.
    Run them regularly together with updating your OS and read.

    For start look into discutions forums under Newbie security questions then explore The security tutorial forum and then post if anything particular you interested in.
    Good luck and happy learning

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