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Thread: DNS Address changes every day !

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    DNS Address changes every day !

    one of our systems behaves in a strange way...
    i changed the DNS IP address of it to 217.219.x.y .
    but when i restart it it changes to 85.255.w.z .
    and cann't browse any sites ...
    why is it so ?
    i have Symantec Antivirus installed on it which is updated every day.
    and scan the computer with it but nothing has been found !
    what should i do ?

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    Is your Firewall reseting the DNS settings everytime you boot up the Operating System.?
    I ask this as i use to have the same problem with ZoneAlarm.

    It would detect the 1st network card at start up, and then a few seconds latter it would then detect the 2nd network card wich i was using.

    So once it detected the 1st card it would automatically change the setting to suit the 1st card.
    Then i would have to re-configure the 2nd card each time i loaded up the Operating System..


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    1) Check to be sure that you're using static addresses, not DHCP.
    2) Check to see how many NICs are active on the host. Remove/disable those that are not needed.
    3) Find out what 85.255.x.y is. This will perhaps offer a clue as to why the host is grabbing this address.
    4) Was this box on that 85 network before? If so, find out what it was used for and clean out all the settings associated with that network.

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