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Thread: Deny/Grant Internet Access via user ID

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    Deny/Grant Internet Access via user ID

    I am working at a high school, and I would like to deny internet access to students when they log in locally only. I am running 6.5 Novell with Border Manager 3.8. I use the proxy provied by Border manager. I have created a deny access rule, but when they log onto the workstation only they are able to by pass my rule.

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    you cant set a policy to not allow them to log on as "work station only"?
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    yea i dont think you can do that. im a student at my school and my teacher just blocks the sites that are not appropiate. but if your smart there easy to get by but good luck with that...
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    Deny access to browsers, ftp clients and any installed IM programs to locally logged on users. Allow access to domain users.
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