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Thread: Weird/Fake Gmail Screen

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    Weird/Fake Gmail Screen

    Hi, Guys
    donno if this goes in this section.

    I am in a net cafe,Win XP,i checked my gmail and couple of google services
    everything is good, but even i am logged in into my gmail account there is that page that keeps popping every 3 min after i close it,i can notice the address in the taskbar changing from www to welcome..but i can not notice the original address

    so in short is there any recent Gmail vuln...how do we report this... how to find out/make sure if this is a fake log in screen or not? and trace the original address ?
    (maybe i would learn a couple of things from this)

    anyone having the same thing ?

    this is the link that displays in the page :


    and this is the source code of the page attached below ?
    anything else ?

    10x guys in advance

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    Ok i took that File you attached and i opened it up in Notepad, i then saved the file with a .html extension.
    I then went to the gmail login page
    https://gmail.google.com, and i grab there source code, and i then loaded up the file that i converted into .html into the browser as well, it loaded up and the 2 pages looked identical.
    So i grabbed the source code from the fake gmail.
    Here is something that i noticed, well seemed a little odd to me, but i could just be being paranoid.

    Fake Gmail Source Code
    Authentic Gmail Source Code
    Can you spot the difference..

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    I came back today at the same net cafe,same pc.. checked my gmail and waited couple of minutes nothing happened...

    The guy there is using DeepFreeze2000xp
    and when i came back the computer looked the same, there was no history in IE...
    so i think it was something from a site i visited yesterday
    but i did not visit something naughty, i visited couple of sites and blogs, tried to remember as many as possible and re-visit today...nothing happened...
    so guess i will drop it, and change my password and info...

    thank you for ur help .:front2back:.

    and i will do some search about faked screen, how to trace them blablabla..
    just have to make some time and will keep u updated guys if i found something intresting

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    heh deepfreeze rotf. my teacher tried that with me..didnt work to well. If our fortress pass was 2 numbers..yea not to much of an improvement.
    "When in doubt, use Brute Force."

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    aha! got the bastards....

    I am about to leave... spent about 1 hr of time on the pc...the pop screen came back

    the websites i re-visited :
    - gmail
    - antionline (admit it guys.. is that u ? )
    - www.google.com/adsense
    - www.blogger.com
    - hotmail

    - astalavista.com
    - puppy linux.org
    - linuxgazette.com

    - net2dial(got that from google add) and re-clicked on the inside links of send free sms some pop ups came (sms2sms.com) and sms2sms/shots.htm,sms2sms/pc-2-pc.htm-********usagreencard/adv.htm
    a pop up window :

    -http://jamalghosn.blogspot.com/2005/12/hi5-challenges.html and a link that led to
    bravenet guest map :
    -test window :S :S (a blank window just appears: address mercury.bravenet.com/network/jstarget.html

    i visited some new pages :
    f-secure.com/weblog and a link from there crackz.ws a pop up came from crackz.ws

    so that is my browsing history...
    chatted on msn with couple of highly trusted real life frnds, did not send/receive anything

    So i think i have to do little filtering...have to use another computer to visit unique page at it
    but net cafe is full :S and it is kinda late..
    so i will re-test pages later...
    but in the meanwhile... watchout guys.. those are the pages..
    if anyone found the one.. plz do let me know...

    and in that case what u usually do guys.. who can shut up a website that is generating fake log in screens and trying to steal ppls passwords ? who should the end-user contact ?
    of course i won't go to the nearby police center :P ...

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