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    Ok, I managed to get the net use command to make the connection to connect without providing a password.

    I (think) I managed to stop it... (I looked around google)

    Now when I try and net use to connect to the ipc it says:
    Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

    I take it this means remote logins have been disallowed for this user now? As its that user I use to log in locally.


    I think i disabled the share as it wont let any user login to it now and says the same even if no user is defined when I try to connect.

    One last question, If a guest account is allowed can you log on to these shares without providing a password for that account? If so is there a way to disable that?
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    set the shares so that only certain users can access it. go to the permissions and delete the "everyone" group that is listed by default. then add which users or user groups you want. make sure "guest" is not included in that group.
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