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Thread: awtar??

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    hey guyz!!!

    can anyone pls tell me how to upload my picture to fit the place of the awtar!!
    any help wud do!!!


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    First make sure that the picture that you plan on uploading as your Avator meets these requirements.
    Use custom avatar
    Note: the maximum size of your custom image is 64 by 64 pixels or 20000 bytes (whichever is smaller).
    Then you can go to your
    Custom Avator Settings

    Then upload the avator from your computer using the Browse option.

    If the picture is a .jpg file, then you can also use the Avator Creator Utility, that will automatically resize the avator to the correct size, it will then get sent back to you, then you just upload it.

    hope this helps.


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    hey chaz you like linkin park dont you...

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    Uhmm, dunno why this thread was brought up (since it's old..) but I do. =)

    Anyways, for future reference.. try to refrain from posting in "old threads". Tends to tick people off..
    Space For Rent.. =]

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