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Thread: Forget the color, next year add an asbestos top

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    Forget the color, next year add an asbestos top

    This pilot fish's company jumps into the Internet with both feet. "We built a corporate Web site and even had our individual branches with their own addresses so customers could see their branch information first," fish reports.

    "As a part of this movement, we designed a rubber-backed mouse pad with the corporate and branch Web addresses on it. At our annual meeting, I staffed a booth that handed out these wonderful green and black works of art.

    "They were a huge hit, and we ran through the supply in a matter of hours."

    So when the next year's annual meeting rolls around, fish knows what to do: add color to the mouse pads, double the order and make even more customers happy.

    And most of them are happy when fish hands them the improved mouse pads. But when one older customer stops by the booth and fish offers her a pad, she declines.

    "The one you gave me last year didn't work very well," she tells him.

    Confused, fish asks why.

    "The first time I used it, it melted," she says.

    Very confused fish asks how that happened.

    Customer explains, "Since this 'house pad' had a rubber back, I knew it would not slip. I placed it on the table and put a pot of boiling soup on it, and it melted to the bottom of the kettle.

    "Of course the kettle was not usable again."
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    Hmm it's amazing what some non-computer savvy user's get upto with computer's and there components..

    I've seen and heard of a few funnies over the years.


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    Heh heh heh, wonder how many CD drives have had to be replaced by users that use them for cup racks.
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    one of my favorites is when someone tries plugging the usb into the RJ-45 port... It fits right in there, and they have no idea why the mouse isn't working.
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    I plugged a RJ-11 into a RJ-45 one time on my mom's friend's computer (who I was setting up for her) and didn't notice it until I tried dialing up and got a "No dialtone" error.

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    Originally posted here by moxnix
    Heh heh heh, wonder how many CD drives have had to be replaced by users that use them for cup racks.
    I think i've broken my fair share of Cd/DVD tray's in my computing history..
    It's an expensive habit at the least.

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