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Thread: Is Windows Firewall any good at all?

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    My current setup is a laptop (XP Pro Sp2) on a wifi network. The wifi is wpa-psk secured, with a few other security measures. I even tangled with the hardwall firewall and added a few rules. Now, like a few others have said, unless I don't trust the insiders using my computer...a software firewall shouldn't be neccessary. Well, I do have a softwall firewall (Outpost Pro). Why? Because I think the Hidden Process Monitor and Component Control are excellent features. I'm also a firm believer in layered security. Is it overkill? probably.
    I would never knowingly do harm to my computer but, occasionally, things do inadvertantly happen and I want to be prepared.
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    In the absence of a router or any other firewall, Windows firewall is better than nothing as I said in my first reply.
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    Originally posted here by ShippMA

    1. I think that the vast majority of people here will say that the Windows firewall gives an extremely low amount of protection. Some would even go as far as to say its not even worth thinking about. (not very technical i know but well, neithers the firewall)

    2. As i see it having a firewall is great an all, as long as it is kept up to date, only the necessary ports are open, and most importantly the logs are checked on a regular basis (don't think that windows firewall has logs)

    As far as what i would reccomend for a firewall, the free ZA i believe is the best, was running a win xp box with only 256Mb of RAM for a while and had no resource issues. Its simple to use and can be updated automatically. Like i said earlier though, make sure that your friend checks the firewall for any suspicious stuff though, as it is VERY easy to have one and just assume your safe.

    Absolutley, I personally think that Win firewall i just a pop up ad created my M$ to give the user the feeling that there is one 'working'. And it may have been on the vigilantminds site that I read that even with a simple UDP flood or DoS the Win firewall crashes and is useless.

    Win firewall has a simple log file (i think) though I can't remember were it is, it just says wether the service is running or not (Big help).

    As for a free firewall then ZA is the best go. But I was recently shaken up by an artice on govsec that said (maybe most people already know) but was purchased by some company that was linked to MOSSAD (i think) and there was a hidden XML file that somehow leaked info to somewhere (I just so paranoid and forgetful).

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    no, windows firewall barely meets the requirements of a firewall. It will screw up the TCP/IP stack randomly *although not as often as ZoneAlarm* It doesn't do state inspection nor monitors incoming connections, etc....I can go on and on but in short: Windows Fireall=bad!

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