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Thread: RAID formatted NICs?

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    RAID formatted NICs?

    I recently installed a wireless NIC in my main box, and was talking to one of my roomates about RAID when this thought came to me. Is it possible to set up 2 or more NICs in a RAID type format? What i mean by this is while NIC A has already sent its info and is waiting for a response from the network, NIC B goes ahead and sends the next bit of information. Kinda like how with raid HDD A is reading while HDD B is seeking.

    Is something like this possible, and if so would there be any noticeable difference in speed?
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    not really. You can do load balancing, but that would basicly just spilt the work between the two NICs. and this would only create an increase when the first nic was reaching a processing threshhold that would slow down the connection in the first place.
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