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    |3lack|ce: No comments on whatever you said...Because I strongly discourage bashing/flaming of newbies who are lost and looking for a direction/guidance from the people already in the industry...

    You don't need to throw a pity party..I still respect you and your ideas of being paranoid when it comes to disclosing such sensitive information..May be being paranoid is what it takes to be a security professional..

    And if it does satisfy your "potentially paranoid" self (to point out my 6th grade spelling mistakes..stuff my advice anywhere you want(politely or imploitely)..throw me a pitty party..make me feel like a "sorry script kiddie") .. then please keep on doing that..

    However, I would certainly appreciate if you do not "inspire"/entertain/flame/bash me anymore..I believe there is nothing wrong in "heaping" expectations from people who have been a source of continuous learning for more then 3 years now ..Please do not waste your energy to prove me a lame kid asking "how to 0wN ma frie3nDs machine"..

    ByTeWrangler: I am looking into it..probablly i didnt see the Secunia advisories site that closely..Thank you for "entertaining" my lame thoughts..lolz

    [WebCarnage]: Thehors13's tutorials are extremely cool..gave me a good insight..Thank you for your links too..Is there anything else that you guys would like to add or should this thread be considered officially close

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    Finally, I did this DoS attack on my friend's machine (Syn flooding different ports) and managed to take it down for some time. But the bottom line is that I learnt alot. I atleast managed to move a little further and that was kinda fun.

    Thank you AO for your ongoing support.

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