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Thread: Open Ports

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    Open Ports

    Hi All,

    How can I check which ports are open at the server fromt he client machine?

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    Please explaine what you want to do? and most importantly WHY?
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    Seeing that you've been a member for a few years, I have no problem answering this question.

    I'm assuming many things since your question is vague. Simpy get your hands on a port scanner and aim it at the server. Without additional information, this is the best I can do for you.

    Good scanners include NMAP (my personal favorite) Angry IP scanner (good for non technical types) and if you're a techie, you can use HPING as a scanner.

    Of course there are many many more scanners. These are the ones that I'm very familiar with.

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    Yup NMAP Rocks but i have faced some problems with it some times whenever i fire namap 3.95 from a particular PC (Win XP Pro SP2) my LAN card gets hanged I mean the system wents offline from the LAN I have to reboot the PC to get it online.I think there are issues with WinPcap i checked insecure.org and found this http://seclists.org/lists/nmap-hacke...-Sep/0002.html still no answer there for my LAN card Problem :P

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    In addition to Nmap I use SuperScan (http://www.foundstone.com/resources/...superscan4.htm ), which is a port scanner made by Foundstone. It's easy to use, runs on Windows, and free.

    Another port scanner made by Foundstone is ScanLine (http://www.foundstone.com/resources/...c/scanline.htm). It's a command line scanner that runs on Windows.

    What are you looking for or trying to achieve?

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    Hi All,

    I totally agree with ur concern 'Black Cluster'.

    Well, I am initiating security testing for my company and was trying to access an internal site through telnet, but was unable to do that

    I tried netstat to lookup the open ports but was able to view the open ports of my local machine only. I am working on Win XP/ Win 2000 and my server is on Unix.

    How can I view the open ports of a remote machine?

    I tried connecting to remote machine, but was getting connection to host lost.

    Can anyone help!

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    How can I view the open ports of a remote machine?
    thehorse13, already informed you. Again, it's

    Simpy get your hands on a port scanner and aim it at the server.
    A few good ones for Windows 2000/XP is nmap (my favorite) www.insecure.org

    GFI LanGuard, and also, Retina, both from www.download.com aswell as Microsoft security basline security analyzer from http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sec.../mbsahome.mspx

    All these applications are excellent for what your trying to do cheers,

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