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Thread: AntiVir Personal Edition Classic

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    AntiVir Personal Edition Classic

    There has been numerous posts on this antivirus software pro's and cons and dicussion about the new beta version which is in the process of being tested. However what is really a plus for this software is simplicity and effectiveness of this antivirus. Granted the updater is slow and files to some extent are large to download......however thats a small price to pay for a good antivirus software which is free!!! Why look a gift horse in the mouth???
    Granted there are paid versions out there which have more features, better detection capability. But AntiVir Freeware has nothing to be ashamed about and I sincerely feel is a quality software and just will get better. I am running this on 2 of my test computers and my own pers computer, to date it has caught everything thown at it. That speaks for itself!!.....Have licenses for Nod32, McAfee , and Kaspersky they are outstanding antivirus softwares...............but......the little guy is my choice because it works, and provide free for those that can't afford or want to pay for a antivirus software. My post is from the heart.

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    Free is everything!The seach engine(Version is so strong
    In my opinion,The heuristic of AntiVir is better than VBA32's and BD's

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    ClamWin is a good AV along with AntiVir XP for windows users
    Both free just keep up with updates
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    I have used previous versions with mixed fortunes. In the old days it did tend to err on the false positive side. It also tended to miss some "non-viral" malware.

    That said, this is a new version and it is in beta test . I would not be inclined to recommend it to people who did not have a fair idea of what they were doing.

    My advice would be to wait for a stable release version?................. unless, of course you want to do some beta testing

    At the moment, I would still be inclined to use Avast! or AVG for people who are not IT types.

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