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Thread: RIAA effed up in court

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    RIAA effed up in court

    im posting this because i know there are people who do not subscripe to slashdot or other news groups...

    This is a 15-year-old girl, telling the story of how lawyers of a major industry group told her she had to commit perjury, just so they could win their case. Some might call that racketeering, and it's most certainly a highly illegal way to win a court case. The deposition strongly suggests that the RIAA knew they didn't have a leg to stand on, and that they were perfectly happy to do anything in their power to win anyway. Funny how rather than open their own wallets to settle, they prefer breaking the law themselves. (Cue Radiohead's Karma Police. On second thought, don't. I'll get sued for not paying license fees.)

    EL - OH - EL

    i have no idea whether its true or not.. but its still pretty funny

    i know this has been covered before... the RIAA is justified in what they are TRYING to accomplish. it is theft.. *i still download anyway*... but putting a stop to P2P piracy is like trying to stop guys from masturbating.... not happening...

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    Depositions can be intimidating for grown individuals let alone a young teenager. Lawyers can use this factor to lead people into answering questions falsely (aka lead questioning).

    I would like to know how the RIAA lawyers received the testimony of this young girl and whether she had council present. Was it through the use of interrogatories and depositions or was it in another manner prescribed by law?

    I have a real disdain for attorneys who use intimidation to manipulate the testimonies of teenagers. If this is true and the lawyers for the RIAA used intimidating factors for manipulating this teenager, I hope the bar association gets involved and revokes there license.
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    Actually, it is worth following those links and reading the discussion. The one I liked best:

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