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Thread: uninstalling NAV

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    uninstalling NAV

    I have problem uninstalling the NAV Corporate version client, well the problem is that i have changed the AV server so i want to map all the clients to it, when i go and try to uninstall the client from pcs it ask for some password, i give it server (AV) password but its not accepting it even i tried to give all the passwords i know for that F**K machine but its not accepting it.

    So i came across the solution i installted Mccafee and it uninstall the client then i have to uninstall mccafee and then the nav client again. This task is too much time consuming and have to implement this through the company talking about 70+ nodes.

    Need a better solution and if there is no other alternative available i would still wanted to know why this happening.
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    Try this: Manual uninstallation documents for Symantec Client Security products

    Granted, it's a bit of work, but you should be able to write a script to do it for you run it at the next reboot. After that, simply push the new version over and you're good to go.

    I think the reason it won't uninstall is because you have already removed the previous server which stored the original password. A quicker solution may be to set up your previous server again (using whatever password you used at the time), run the uninstallation from the clients, then activate your new server and reinstall the clients.

    Another option which may work is to simply reassign each client to the new server. Granted this is somewhat old information (8.x), but it should still work for newer versions. Moving one or more clients to a different parent server

    Good luck!


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    Pretty sure avdven nailed it ......

    Not sure about version 10 but with previous versions

    On the server there is a setting ....require password to uninstall...reset that and push to clients.


    or try the default password


    there is a file you can drop on the client to reset the server...again...with earlier versions

    or phone symantec tech suport...if you have version 10 I think you probably have some free support

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