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    I think i better shift back to NAV then to spend so much money on mcafee.
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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    McAfee to Slow?

    Originally posted here by nihil
    1. Only run ONE interactive virus scanner.
    2. Only run one software firewall.
    3. Disable all startup programs that you do not immediately need. Start things when you need them, then close them when you have finished.
    4. Defragment your HDD in safe mode (that defragments the virus signature files.
    5. Disable the scan on file closure option.

    Check your running processes, particularly automatic updates.

    McAfee and Norton are rather resource hogs, however you may have conflicts. The best policy is to run as little as possible at any one time.

    Check for program updates. AV and operating system.

    EDIT: And if you disable your AV, you might as well not have it?
    Well only run one interactive virus scanner at a time, I usually run 2 to 3 scanners, but never at the same time. as for the rest of your suggestions , I have to agree.

    I have to agree that McAfee is a resource hog, and Norton isn't much better (if using the stand-alone NAV), but I personally prefer using Norton SystemWorks with the AV built in (or included). I used to swear by McAfee until they ported their scanner/cleaner to Windoze (I was using the DOS versions of their programs back in the early 90's). Now, to be honest, I wouldn't use OR recommend their product. I feel since the porting, they are catching less viruses than they did before and sometimes it seems that they are just getting worse.

    Originally posted here by Relyt
    Good Day,

    In addtion to Nihil's suggestions you might consider investing in some more memory sticks. With reducing the number of processes running and increasing the memory, you should most definitely witness an significant change.

    Believe me, Memory sticks are a BIG help in speeding up your system. Another option you could consider - depending on how many HDD's you have (or partitions, to be more accurate) is to have your swapfile split between your boot drive and one of your partitions that you use very little. I have discovered that in using all 5 of my partitions and allocating about 374 megs of HDD space for the swap file tends to help speed things up (at least for me). You can do this in the "system properties/advanced/performance/advanced/virtual memory for paging file" section of System in control panel.

    Originally posted here by riya_here
    I think i better shift back to NAV then to spend so much money on mcafee.

    As I said above, I really do prefer Norton's products. But I admit that if F-Prot made a free windows version of their AV prog, or Thunderbyte Anti-Virus ever came back, I'd probably switch to them as long as they were as good as they were back in the 90's.

    EDIT Well, I'll get this text formatting down sooner or later.


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    or Thunderbyte Anti-Virus ever came back
    AFAIK they were absorbed into Norman Data Defense Systems, a Norwegian outfit, back in the late 90's. You can still get that product..............it has "sandbox technology".

    /off topic funny story

    It was the first week in January 2000 and I received a call from my local publican (bar owner) saying that his young daughter's PC was doing funny things.

    I went round his place and found this tower machine (Fujitsu Siemens or maybe Siemens Nixdorf) running Windows 95B build 1212.

    It was doing funny things alright.................the display had shrunk to a quarter size in the top left corner for a start.

    If you left it for a while, Thunderbyte kicked in with a background scan, and that was the problem..................it was about 4 years old, and had be set to "clean files, if you can't then delete them".

    Obviously, the Win 95 Year 2000 patch had not been applied, and recently updated files had very weird dates on them.

    Thunderbyte was "seeing" these dates and assuming it was a virus infection. As it could not clean the nonexistent virus, it merrily deleted the file.

    I guess that was the only "Year 2000 bug" I ever encountered.

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    Re: Mc Affee is slow?

    Check the On-Access scan log to see if there are any scanner timeouts. Frequently I see high CPU utilization due to McAfee choking on some file(s) it is trying to scan. If it is an application you frequently use, then set an exclusion not to scan that file/folder.

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    thats a nice idea.

    thanks, mkofron
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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    Hi Riya

    Well why not use a free antivirus like AVG or Avast.
    These take up less resources and are economical too.
    Moreover their protection is no way less than that of Mcafee or Norton. I personally am using AVG and i recommend that.

    Your firm saves money on buying antiviruses ........... They happy !
    You save money on buying antiviruses ........ You happy !
    Giving an idea of a free antivirus that works to your boss .......... Who knows you get a raise !

    Well there has been a lot of debate on this topic here too. Just follow the link


    Hope it helps
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