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Thread: Wget alternative for Windows ....

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    Wget alternative for Windows ....

    First off I hate right clicking on links and then selecting save as because well it's quite annoying and especially boring when you need to download like 40 pdf files ...

    Is there an alternative to Wget but for Windows specifically Windows XP ???

    B.T.W. Yes I did search google already but I would like something that you've used already ... Free would be nice ...

    Thanks ...
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    You can use wget for windows.

    It is part of the unix utils for windows.

    I find myself using them constantly. Add them to your path for easier use.

    Or, if you want something with a gui... I really like httrack.
    Its a website copier. You can specify what types of content you want to download... so if you want to only grab files with .pdf you can.


    If you use firefox... get the extesion "download them all"
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