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I haven't seen this mentioned and a quick search didn't turn it up... but I have been outta the loop for the last week so who knows...


Obsidis is a scientific/underground magazine that focuses on research in ICT security.
Papers about any topic related to the following, but not only, are encouraged:

- Malicious Software
- Network Application Security
- Vulnerability Management and Tracking
- Intrusion Detection Systems
- Denial of Service Attacks
- Cryptography
- Hacking
- Cracking
- Wireless and Mobile Security
- Network Architectures and Management
- Security software engineering
- Phreaking
- Legal and Ethical Issues

The project is managed by Rosiello Security in conjunction with members of Packetstorm Security, Astalavista, Info Security Writers, Blacksun and Hackers Center who make up the Committee.
Obsidis will be realized thanks to the community's articles with a periodical call for papers.
The first issue, which I've only taken a glimpse at so far... looks like it could be quite interesting

ARC: A Synchronous Stream Cipher from Hash Functions
Demystifying SE Linux*
DHCP and the Changing Art of Network Security
Enterprise Security Management
Internet Protocol: an Introduction
Preventing Http Session Fixation Attacks
Writing Behind a Buffer
It's available in pdf format on a per article basis on their website, however Packet Storm does have an archive @ http://www.packetstormsecurity.nl/fi...sue-1.zip.html

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PS - The Second Issue of O3 was released last month (I know the original issue was announced here)... it's available at http://www.o3magazine.com