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Thread: HELP! virus in Outlook - generates emails but doesn't send

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    I'm encountering a virus that seems to be internally generating email in Outlook (I have checked my email with webmail and it is not present on the server). It is only affecting one email account. Previously I have disabled the account and the symptoms go away.

    Every time I do a send/receive there is another spam email of the same kind, with the same received date on it (it's currently set to 12/31/2005 12:31PM).

    I've been running Norton 2005, and I have since switched over to McAfee with no change in the flow of viruses. I've tried scanning for the sober and swen viruses with special tools from Symantec and Mcafee, with no results.

    Any help you can offer is most appreciated.


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    Without knowing the specifics of the OS, trying booting into safe mode and run your AV. Alternatively, boot into safe mode and then connect to TrendMicro's HouseCall Service (online web AV -- free) and have it scan your machine. I believe it's http://housecall.trendmicro.com
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    Try deleting all of your "Temp" files either through search or download and install Cccleaner (crap cleaner) this will delete a lot of trash.http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/

    Also as has been mentioned run your AV scans viaSafe Mode

    You might want to check your security settings in Outlook as well.outlook tutorial

    One final thing, if it is recurring, you might want to disable your System Restore function, reboot into safe mode, run your scans again (first change the view to view all files including system files) after you have done this reboot into normal mode, the system restore points will be flushed out of the PC, now with a clean PC you can set a manual restore point as well as re-enable the system restore function. (I am assuming you are using WinXp).

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    One way to clean your system is to use your norton av disk to create a boot floppy that can be used to boot into a virus scanning "OS"... I believe it is called a system rescue disk... Make sure your NAV definitions are all up to date before you try this though.

    Another fix, that is much harder, and is a last resort, is to make your own Bart PE boot disk(http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/) that allow you to boot to a live version of Windows in which you can scan for viruses using a windows pe tool which is produced by mcafee. You will have to add the mcaffee plugin found @ the plugin section of the bartpe website.

    This trick has always worked for me in the past!!!

    ***WARNING: make sure that you built your disk on a seperate computer from the infected one!!!***

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