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Thread: security in general

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    security in general

    isnt it right to believe this: there is no security anymore on line?
    dated : happy new year 2006
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    There are things to consider before submitting a thread - is it in the right forum, is it understandable, have you made your question clear, have you given all relevant information - by thinking about these kinds of things before posting you may get a better response to your question.
    Before posting a new thread make sure you are in the correct forum. Each topic has a forum, just find the one that best suits the thread you are going to post
    Posted by valhallen in quick tips archive.

    Anyway No network is 100% secure. More time you spend on securing your computer more difficult it will be for the attacker to break into this primarily eliminates skiddies and since it will take lot of time and effort to break into your network more attackers are eliminated here because of the high amount of time and effort that has to be spent. BUT NOT ALL WILL GIVE UP.

    You might want to go through the FAQ again. Welcome to AO and Happy new year.
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    ...sure there's online security. It's a function of awareness, just like it is on the street. Keep your eyes open.
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    Its not really clear what you are asking.

    The pessimist in me says that you have been set an essay question and you have decided to post it on a security forum to see what info you can gather around it. If that is the case then i've got to say you have been rather lazy constructing the post. On line security is an immense topic, i have heard people reffering to it as an onion, every time you peel back a layer you find another one. Members will probably be happy to help you with your research and you will probably get some good pointers and links, but you must ask questions that will get meaningful answers.

    Think about what you know about online security, what you are trying to prove or disprove about the origional statement and ask specific questions, ie
    How do websites protect data?
    How is data encrypted online?

    I have always found the people on this forum extremely helpful

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