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Thread: immediate solution to the WMF security flaw by PC Tools

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    Exclamation immediate solution to the WMF security flaw by PC Tools

    Source: http://www.pctools.com/news/view/id/123/
    PC Tools issues immediate solution to the Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) security flaw

    Exploit Guard is currently being added to all computers using Spyware Doctor

    SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 04, 2006 – PC Tools, creator of award-winning spyware removal and real-time protection software, has created and started distributing Exploit Guard, a new feature in Spyware Doctor that protects against threats exploiting the dangerous Microsoft Windows (WMF) vulnerability which was revealed by security researchers and confirmed by Microsoft on Dec. 28.

    Microsoft announced plans to release a patch on January 10. Until then, all versions of Windows are at risk from the WMF defect which compromises the security of users worldwide.

    "Criminals are already taking advantage of this security defect to install additional malicious spyware and malware onto computers," said Simon Clausen, CEO of PC Tools. "When our R&D team spotted the WMF vulnerability, they developed a solution to guard our users from hackers and other individuals looking to exploit the flaw."

    Spyware Doctor users automatically receive protection against the Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability as Exploit Guard is delivered to them through the product's real-time update capability. Users who do not run the real-time anti-spyware protection continuously are at risk for this vulnerability as well as other threats.

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    Hah, thanks. I downloaded that. Cross your fingers, hope it works.

    Edit: Bah, I just scanned my computer and found several viruses but cannot remove them until I purchase the software. That's B.S..
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