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    New way to make money??

    Are you an idiot? Click here
    A fool and his money...http://www.clickhereyouidiot.com/

    Thing is, someone will pay.......

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    Interesting, yet not surprising. This technique is not new. It's just another form of internet pan handling.

    Soon you will see the venerable: Why lie? I need a beer.


    Need money for beer research.

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    Originally posted here by thehorse13

    Need money for beer research.

    What? Next you're gonna tell me that ain't legitimate?


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    Need money for beer research.
    Been trying that for years with little success..... Tried finding a honey that would pay for the odd case here or there.... Got a great sweetie but she frowns a little if I ask her to buy cases too often.... It sucks when you have to pay for them yourself.....
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    She _lets_ you buy cases?


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    nice link dalek, made me laugh.
    As for cheap scams to make money, I remember when donating plasma got you some $$ in college. Everyone I knew would donate plasma then go buy beer...go figure. And they say college students don't understand basic economic principles.
    Tried finding a honey that would pay for the odd case here or there
    Every time I ever sent a woman to the liquor store, they wound up coming back with some fruit inspired alcoholic menage a twa that's 20 proof. To make matters worse, they wind up getting drunk, while I spend all night trying to figure out why anyone in their right mind would mix bananas, kiwis, apples, daises, mangos and alcohol and have the nerve to sell it to the public. I buy my own cases of beer damnit. I am a man. I have hairs on my chest. I pee all over the toilet seat. roaaar
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    Then there's these...

    Unemployed Loser


    The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!

    mind you the last one was a stroke of genius


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    It sucks when you have to pay for them yourself
    Never!.....................she goes and buys them, (checks for the 2 for 1 and 25% discounts.....Wimmin are much more reliable in that department).......................loads 'em up and brings them back.......

    Ah!..................but who buys her automobile, and taxes and insures it?

    I guess my drinking habits are expensive.................it would be cheaper to buy a pub and just live in it?

    And she has just driven the thing on a flat....$$$$$$$$$$$..............what happens if she screws her spare automobile today?................it's enough to drive a husband to:

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    Herself is too good to ya, nihil.

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    On the subject of having to pay for beer, while i was a student there was a brief period (about 3 years) that i was, shall we say, a little strapped for cash. Anyway a friend of mine discovered that if you sent a letter to a lager company, bud, stella, fosters etc and said that in the latest pack of lager that you purchased from your local off licence, one or more of the cans was flat/tasted a bit metalicy/empty etc then they would routinely send a voucher for a 24 pack along with a box to sned them back the suspect can if he still had it.

    Well needless to say (in my student days of course) a small run of letters was sent to various alcohol companies to "test" if there customer service was up to the same standard as others.

    I can happily report that a large number of those companies have VERY good customer service...

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