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Thread: COMCFG and DFS$

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    COMCFG and DFS$

    I know windows shares admin$ and ipc$ etc... with a login but I just found two 'named pipe' that are set to be accsessed anonymously can anything be done through these and is it a security risk to leave them open?

    and is a 'named pipe' just a service like ipc$?

    thanks for any help
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    Here is the Microsoft link that describes the COMCFG information:


    From the looks of the information, the COMCFG is used when you have a share on a FAT or HPFS partition.

    As for the DFS$, that is a Distributed File System share, looks like. It may be related to the COMCFG. Check what you have connected and what the file systems are. If you are sharing something other than NTFS, that may be where those came in.

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