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Thread: southern baptists convention...hypocriacy...never

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    southern baptists convention...hypocriacy...never

    member of the executive board trolling for male prostitutes. woops

    Who is more trustworthy then all of the gurus or Buddha’s?

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    "...and his 2005 Mercedes...", simply amazing! He probably had a Rolex as well.
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    He has also spoken out against same-sex marriage and in support of a Southern Baptist Convention directive urging its 42,000 churches to befriend gays and lesbians and try to convince them that they can become heterosexual "if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their 'sinful, destructive lifestyle."'
    Man that guy needs to start to practice what he's preaching..

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    I have just had phone calls from tony blair and gordon brown......................

    When can they join up?

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    Please do not let the actions of one perverted idiot sway your image of the group as a whole.
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

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    Originally posted here by |3lack|ce
    Please do not let the actions of one perverted idiot sway your image of the group as a whole.
    I can agree with this.....it's the same (sad but true) nowadays for Catholic Priests, people want to hide their young around them......unfortunately because of idiots like Swaggert, Bakker, Benny Haim et al, the media loves it when their pecadillioes become "Exposed" or their "Skeletons" become public knowledge.......

    Everyone "Sins" it's just when we do it, it's not newsworthy (Point: I don't sin I'm a Prod ) so these people become targets for the oh so credible press, you know the ones with aliens on the front page, where they say Jed and Granny were abducted at birth....and love to splash it out there like a shotgun blast and hope some of it sticks.....(until someone sues).

    But the worst kind are the "Hypocrites" those that preach but don't practise, who certifies these people?...... how do they fly in under the radar, or is it the blind leading the blind principle or the three monkeys (See,Hear,Speak no evil).....aaack plooey.... :-(
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    I live in eternal sin, vanquish me oh lord....

    Still here. Damn.
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