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Thread: Help please - SUSE.9.1 LIVE

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    Help please - SUSE.9.1 LIVE

    Hello, I have finally been able to download SUSE 9.1 LIVE eddition ISO file, and burn it to a blank disk, booting it up and such have been just fine, without any real problems I leave you with this question.

    As I am quite new to Linux os, and very excited to venture into it.

    I am curious how I save the work/changes I have made to my system from the LIVE bootable CD?


    PS: any interesting advice on where to start my adventure into the Linux world, quite interested in learning the command prompt, or console.
    I enjoyed playing around on Telnet in Windows.. *excuse me* windblows


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    Hello, and welcome to AO

    The man you need to talk to is the "Oracle at Michigan".............his handle is gore

    When he emerges from his pit (I am in the UK and on GMT ) I am sure that he will help.

    In the meantime, please go to the tutorials and look for operating systems........... gore moderates that forum, and has written some fine stuff.

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    Okay thank you.

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    You carn't save files to the hard drive while using a Live CD.
    So any settings you change like walpaper etc will just revert to the original settings when you restart the session, or the computer.
    And if you want to download files or something, or a webpage for latter reading if the file is small enough just copy 'em to a floppy drive, or if you've got a gmail account, just upload 'em to that.
    Seeing as you can store up to 1gb of data in 'em. And if you have more then 1 gmail account then you got more storage..

    Those gmail invites sure did come in handy..

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    People have pointed out already that this isn't something you would use to write to the HD, however you could get a thumb drive or USB "pen drive" which is pretty much the same thing and mount it to use for writing to. so you could save documents to this. However, Live CDs were not made to write to a HD as a desktop system. You're best bet is just installing it to your computer, you can dual boot it with whatever you have on there already and then when you turn the machine on it would show you Linux and Windows, and you could then select which one you want to boot up.

    I recommend reading my tutorial on dual booting SUSE Linux and Windows XP, and you should reply back here with what hardware you have, and what Operating System you currently have on that machine. I can walk you through it if you need to and find the tutorial I wrote for you.

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