Nemsis+Libnet for WinPcap 3.1
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Thread: Nemsis+Libnet for WinPcap 3.1

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    Nemsis+Libnet for WinPcap 3.1

    I just rebuilt nemesis and libnet to work under windows with
    WinPcap 3.1, i am attaching it here hope you find it usefull.
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    where is the attachment
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    Quote Originally Posted by robert_online View Post
    where is the attachment
    Greetings Robert

    Unfortunatly when this particular thread was created (2006) the forum software was a pre-dated version of vbulletin, and thus once the site owners upgraded to the newer version of Vbulletin stuff like attachements were not converted over.

    Simply because the forum's code had so many adjustments made to it like custom hacks etc it was not possible to convert everything over from a heavily modified vbulletin version 2.x.x to a vanilla install of vbulletin 3.x.x

    i hope this has answered your question.

    If you would like to see what the forum looked like back in 2006 then please visit this site:

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