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Thread: Building a new network

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    Building a new network

    We are preparing to double the size of our physical building. This will mean rebuilding our network and phone system very nearly from scratch. I am looking for more information to help me design and plan these changes. I am looking for websites, product information and books that might help me do this and am asking for your recommendations. I just found out today so I have began searching Google. Considering the experience in this place though I thought asking here would probably produce better results.

    To the Mods -- if you feel this thread is better suited somewhere else please feel free to move it. I just figured general was the place.


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    with respect Falcis :
    but if you have to look for help / advice, then maybe the job is beyond you .......

    get an experienced IT consultant in to advise / design
    pick their brains
    get involved
    learn everything you can, as an opportunity to oversee an install of a complete new network doesn't happen everyday.........

    it's a business I assume ?
    so do not take on what you do not comprehend.
    as if it did go **** up, so would your career
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    I agree with foxy on this one but one thing to plan for keep in mind that will make your job tremendously easier. When you get a contractor in, tell them taht you want to keep your network cables color coded at least on the patch panel side. This will help you trouble shoot issues in the future. Make sure everything is labeled too. I have seen a lot of shotty contractors run cables and not label everything. Make sure you put enough data/voice into place.
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