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Thread: WINE and WMF

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    WINE and WMF

    Ironically enough, WINE is still vulnerable to the now patched WMF exploit. Talk about emulation!
    Quote from H D Moore(WINE Founder) from ZDNet
    All applications launched inside Wine, Cedega, or Cross-Over Office are technically still exploitable. Wine runs on most x86 platforms, including Linux and the various BSDs.
    The rest of the article is here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou/index.php?p=146
    Apparently someone has already written a patch for WINE and submitted it to the development team.

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    OMG.... Exploits are crossing platforms as *nix tries to emulate the functionality of Windows...

    Eeeek, The world is coming to an end....


    What can I say.... It already feels like 2007 and it's only Jan 6th 2006.... I needed a quick "vent"... It will be the last one this year, I promise..... and if you trust me - more fool you...
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    haha, too good to be true :P to emulate something so accuratly is quite amazing although it makes me think the code was blagged somehow
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
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    [shakes head]two borks.. two borks in one...[/shakes head]
    I really needed that little piece of humor... The thought of running ms updates on a linux box has never crossed my mind...Their releasing a patch for anything below 2000 , from what i understand so a lot of people are left to fend for them selfs... All praise your (insert your av of choice here) gods.

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    while technically still exploitable (an overflow i assume) the offsets would be soo different and vary so much between versions of wine and the *nix it's running on- i find it very unlikely you'd have to worry much about this from a security stand point (although not impossible)...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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