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Thread: Need Wireless data for a brief.....

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    Need Wireless data for a brief.....

    This is my first post and I hope I am in the right place for my question. But I have been creating an IA brief and now have been tasked with giving "eye popping, jaw dropping" examples of the wireless security vulnerabilities/incidents, to include average company costs, time lost, data loss, etc. to try and keep the WAP's from appearing on our network, and to give everyone on my base a good idea of why we are not allowing wireless here.

    I am not a "wireless nazi", but I do work for the security section of the base and as of right now we are not authorized to run a WLAN. But, as you know, users don't normally care too much about policy!!!

    Real life scenarios and data from 2005 would be nice. I have tried several searches but have not turned up anything of use. Any help from you guys would be great.

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    First and formost, google is your friend. But I'm feeling nice and since I know that in the future you will consult your friend google, heres a couple links.
    And a movie.
    http://thebroken.org If i remeber correctly its video release 1, if Im incorrect its video release 3, you'll have to forgive me it's been a long time since I watched them. I'm jst giving you a good starting point. Theres newer technoligy out there, so you'll have to do some of your own legwork if you want that included. I havent seen anything too eye popping or jawdropping along the ways of wifi sec so good luck and welcome to AO.

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    -=The 10 second crack=-

    "...At that point I guessed that it'd probably captured enough so I ran
    aircrack against the file airodump created, and it cracked my home WEP
    key in about 10 seconds. No exaggeration - 10 seconds!"


    BTW - Welcome to the forum!

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    Video yourself wardriving your business neighborhood for 5 minutes then show how many unsecured WAP's are there then pick an unsecured one and sniff it for a while. Doctors/Dentists offices are fun... All that confidential data running over the public airwaves...

    It drops jaws.....
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    Check out this page: http://www.whoppix.net/index.php/Demos

    if you scroll down there is a video that shows the guys cracking WEP in 10 minutes.

    That should give them a little something to look at.
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    Thanks for all the info!!
    I should be able to put a nice brief together now.

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    You could set up a demo where you have somebody set up an access point for you and use it for a short while to generate traffic. While this is going on, you crack the encyption key in front of them. This is what was done by the feds in one of spamdies links. That should have a good wow factor. Just be sure to practice first so that it works when you do the demo.
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