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Thread: Sms Spoofing. Successful!!!

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    Sms Spoofing. Successful!!!

    Is it possible to send some1 a spoofed SMS so that they think that it has been
    sent from some1 else.

    For example like a fake email. Could u telnet to 1 of these sites on the net that
    allow you to send free SMS's and then construct ur own header for the sms packet.
    By construction the header u can alter the senders number and i know there are
    fields in the header to allow for the recieving of reports on delievery.

    now, i know how to do it i think i want to create a website. so anyone can use it.
    but of course not for any bad things.

    but i'm out off money to do it so. i need some donation. anyone who want to
    donate me some money, i will teach him how to do sms spoofing!!!

    if u dont want to donate, just mail me "<sender> <recipient> <msg>" to my email.
    if i'm free, i will do it for u.

    its up to you to donate how much. i dont force u to do it. i cant easily give my
    knowledge to other. i'm working for a month to discover this thing. i think, 2 to 4
    euro is enough for me... for all my work... again, i cant easily give my knowledge to other!

    if u dont trust me, contact me on msn msger. give me your friend and your own phone
    number. i will demo it to you. u will receive a sms from the friend that u hav gave to me...
    try it!!!

    contact me at q_rx@hotmail.com .

    it work for any coverage n around the world!!!! please support me!!!

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    And why is this in Tips n' Tricks...
    It's not much of a Tip, and i defiantly carn't see the Trick..
    Maybe move it to General Chit Chat...


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