a friend told me this a while ago...and i found it hilarious!!

*[Couple of months before the final release of Windows XP]*

*Bill Gates chats with an associate on MSN MESSENGER...*

Bob Larry (Staff Member): "hey bill...what should we name the next version of windows?"

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "H@W H@W!!11 ^_^ 1 TH33NK W3 5HUD N@M3H 33T3 5UMT1NG uB3R 1337 >=]

Bob Larry (Staff Member): "well the previous version of windows were ca--"

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "XDDD OMFGWTFBBQ!!111oneone O_O i'v3 g0t 33t3! w3 sh@LL c@LL 33t3 WINDOWS XP!!!"

Bob Larry (Staff Member): " ummmmm...i didn't quite under--"

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "j00 W@NT S0M3 C00K135?!"

Bob Larry (Staff Member): "O_O......OK!! OK!! i'll talk to the others!"

*Couple of days after the release of Windows XP*

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "d00d \/\/h@7 t3h 3FF?!?! i wuNt3d 33t3 to b3 n@m3d WINDOWS!!! y0u f00ken f@rg0ts!!! N0\/\/ j00 3@7 K00K135 N0\/\/, B3@CH!!!!11one

Bob Larry (Staff Member): "Wha-? but didn't you say XP at the end?"

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "H0\/\/ D@R3 j00 33N5ULT |\/|y tYp1nG 5tyL3!!! 33t3 KuHR@Z33 1337!!! XDD....>=[...N0\/\/ j00 3@7 K00K135 N0\/\/, B3@CH!!!!11oneonetwo

Bob Larry (Staff Member): "But i was just-- AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"*silence*

tH3r3 15 n0 sp00n (B.G): "XP"

note: shortly afterwards, cs chat was publicized to the world