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Thread: SSL Encryption question - whois

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    SSL Encryption question - whois

    Heya, got a question about whois and SSL certificates.

    Now, when I check out https://secure.newegg.com/, and look at the encryption details, the certificate is issued by verisign and is all valid, but when I check out whois.sc, it says no valid SSL. The details seems to be in order, but whois.sc doesn't seem to display it. Any idea as to why this is ? I am assuming whois is wrong on this, but I was just wondering why this happens. Everything seems to be in order...
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    Perhaps there's a bug in the whois.sc' code that checks the SSL certificate?
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    Hey Hey,

    It's because it's a joke... I'm not sure I'm a big fan of whois.sc after seeing that site and past experiences with it... Whois info doesn't contain SSL or non-SSL.. this is something that the sit e has added... and they've done a poor job of it..

    When you enter secure.newegg.com they're running a whois which means no third level.. they strip it down to newegg.com.... well newegg.com isn't running SSL, secure.newegg.com has the SSL..
    > secure.newegg.com
    Server: ns1.ody.ca

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: secure.newegg.com

    > newegg.com
    Server: ns1.ody.ca

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: newegg.com
    I'm guessing that their SSL or non-SSL is a simple matter of 'is port 443 open at the IP?'....

    Whois.sc is a sales site first and foremost.. THey display some interesting information... but they want your money.... If you're legitimately looking for whois information.... check out geektools.com... As for SSL don't rely on a third party site to tell you if it's valid or not... that's just asking for trouble....

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    im not sure, but...
    when ive entered on this newegg site ive received that "some items are not secure". If i choose "yes", the page become non-ssl.

    Perhaps whois.sc is assuming "yes" all the time. Just a thought.
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