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Thread: java remove

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    java remove

    I traid to install sun java on network driver but I got problem during installation.
    and now i cannot install or unistall it from computer.
    I removed all "java" and "sun" folders I found with no result and I also cleaned registry.

    Is it not good to have java installed on remote network driver or it is not possible?
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    I got no answers but I found a way how to find what to remove. So here comes some tips for others:

    most of programs is made for msi and extracting to temp before installation.
    configuration files have often extension ".INI" as "Setup.INI"
    important is to find strings that contains
    "ProductCode" or "PackageCode"
    that contains information about indication of you program in the registry file.
    by removing those keys you may will be able to reinstall/install you program again if you got some trouble.

    msiexec is used for managing ".msi" packages, and runs through command line
    to get command line switches you can just write in run "msiexec", most usefull switches is
    "/qn" make silent installation
    "/fa" reinstall all

    I got lot of trouble with installing java on remote driver, error message is "has no access to that folder", no problem when installing in local folder.
    I know not what fold it talking about....

    (my computer is running on 2 xbox seagate 10GB disks, so i want to install most of programs on remote driver)
    EDIT: I think that it can be just some kind of bug.
    when I chose standard install it was great but with full installation was that problem....
    I will do few more tests on it. Tell me if it was working for you...
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