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Thread: USB Key Drive letter

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    USB Key Drive letter

    Hi there

    Anyone know of a way to assign a static drive letter to a usb key....

    I wrote a little batch file to copy file to a jump drive for the VP Operations to take some work home...he has dial up and is not a candidate for vpn...yet

    Hes not overly computer savy...and some how has new mapped drives on the machine (could be for custom reporting)..

    but this throws off the batch file from working....as when you plug in the USB key it is assigned the next available letter

    I edited the batch file with the new drive letter....but I would like to assign the jump drive a static drive letter to prevent this from happening again....

    If I can...

    Is this possible

    OS=w2k all patches

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    You looking for something like this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18087 ?
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    You've probably already looked at this one, but heres my $0.02

    I have also wondered this and the best solution that i have come up with is to reassign all other drives so that D (or the next letter after the last hard drive) is free.

    So on one of my machines i have:

    C = hard drive
    D = unused
    E = CDRW
    F = DVD

    That way the usb will always take D. However i have no idea whether this will work on your guys machine because.

    A) Are the mapped drives letter specific for some reason
    B) will he be adding more, or removing drives or equipment that rely on drive letters as they may try to take the free one

    Please post the outcome as i'd be interested to know...
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    Nice workaround

    You must spread your AntiPoints around before giving it to ShippMA again.

    And yes...some of our crystal reports use standard mapped drives to data

    Dont think he will be adding more drives....it was done by our inventory guy for some new reports...not knowing about the USB key.

    I will try your work around...he has a partioned drive...so it shouldnt affect the mapped drives...and he doesnt use the other partition....I always halve the larger drives....system and backup

    Thanks..I think that will work

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