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    I want start to download movie,With biTtorrent.But what do i need do to protect myself.I have a router , spysweeper and sygate firewall.And have cable inertnet.

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    Quick question why not just rent/purchase the movie ?

    B.T.W. downloading copyrighted films is well lets just say illegal ....
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    Can i hide by i.p address so they can't tracking me.

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    Can i hide by i.p address so they can't tracking me.
    Not if they really want to find you.....by "they" I mean the law

    Cause like agentsteal as stated...the downloading of copyright protected material is illegal

    And you cant be sure that there isnt some piece of malware piggybacking on what you are downloading...

    IMHO...it is a bad security practice to download illegal software, music, movies etc

    cause you dont really know what you are getting

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    Additionally. with the low cost of rentals, it just doesn't seem worth the chance of getting in a whole lot of trouble.

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    There is a plugin for Azureus - safepeer which will apparently block the IPs of those who are out to catch you... although how useful/good it will be I shall leave up to you to find out.

    However, your IP is still going to show up, so unless you bounce yourself through another server it will be your IP address that is shown, and then tracked, and then hey presto you owe a film company thousands...
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    Originally Posted by Recon
    I want start to download movie,With biTtorrent.But what do i need do to protect myself
    A good lawyer

    I'm with everyone else on this thread. Just save yourself the trouble and buy it.
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    uhh i REALLY second that. I only know one person that knows what he's doing and can get away with it. dude i got a better plan for you its solid and saves your lawer from killing you. Pop some popcorn. Take 5 dollars, go to blockbuster and rent the video, and sit back and have fun without bubba.
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    mandraketux is absolutly correct. it seems that every century has its own witch hunt and this centurys hunt includes the heritics that are those that steal from the money grubbing movie producers and record labels. at least they still burn you at the stake though, thats always fun.
    stealling is wrong no matter how you look at it and the days of downloading mp3's and movies without a care are gone... for now. good luck and remeber not to drop the soap.

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    For the life of me, I don't know why the industry is so worried about filesharing. It's got a lot of drawbacks:

    1) It's slow and inconvenient, often taking days to download one movie. And running filesharing software, such as Kazaa or Limewire, really slows a network.

    2) The quality is inconsistent and often poor, whether it's music or movies.

    3) Downloads are rife with rogue viruses and spyware. When I needed a demo of an infected computer, I simply downloaded 4 porn movies and ran them. Two of the movies thoroughly infected my demo machine.

    But I find filesharing, particularly torrents, to be wonderful for getting my hands on documentaries, especially foriegn ones, and other educational material. The movie industry is simply on a witchhunt and failing to adapt themselves to the new technologies out there.


    At least some countries, notably France and Australia, have the good sense to begin to legalize filesharing (at least they're talking about it). Filesharing has no place at work though. It's an admin's nightmare, creating not only legal issues but also tons of network issues.

    I'd only run anything torrents, and I'd download judiciously. Don't count on quality. Watch your back, you're liable to download viruses and spyware at some point. Torrents, though not anonymous, will give you more anonymity than other forms of filesharing.

    As for the legality of filesharing, I'm with Thoreau: "Break the law."
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