OK, I have a suggestion, maybe a complaint... depends how you look at it.

Yesterday there were two very good discussions going on, Alright Wardriving and Cell phone phreaking. Two users (who shall rename nameless... as I will sandblast their their tombstones) added some worthless crap to the discussion and were negged to high hell for it... and the should have!

My problem is this, these users get negged by a couple people and it shows that that post is worthless, fine. It is when everyone starts negging them that we get a problem. Those threads became "suicidal" and were closed just because of those two idiots. Now, two good discussions are lost and ignored because of the thread rating.

My suggestion is can the amount a person is negged be controled? Can a post just be removed or hidden if it reaches a certain negging point? Or is it that us users have to control ourselves not to neg somone once they are flashing with negitivity?

Thank you for your time, I will now go get something to calm me down... maybe a whiskey?