You're right, I didn't quote them verbatum. I don't have to. And of course I can paraphrase and interject my opinion. This is Cosmos not Negmos! So what if I googled and found those cites. You're not really suggesting that we use only the resources that you approve of? Or only the conclusions that you derive from reading articles? That would make us all sheeple. Sorry I don't blindly follow someone else's beliefs. So we know for future reference, why don't you provide us with your qualifications to judge the creditability of Doctors and Professors.

If you misunderstood the following the first time, it could have been my fault, so I will clarify it for you now and I will edit the post to more adequately reflect my intent.

I suggested that you study "the advances in DNA..." not just what I said, and do it for yourself, and don't listen to me, but draw your own conclusions. Then I went on to provide my opinion of what I read. So what! We all do it.