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Thread: Anti Virus Programming

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    Anti Virus Programming


    I am interested in making an antivirus program, please suggest some books/URLs where I should begin.

    Zeeshan Alam

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    Why not use some that is alredy exist?

    In CalmAV you can create you own definition files. And also create modules for supporting some other applications.

    Even if you will create antivirus where can you get definitions from?
    And how can you keep it updated?
    You can also get look at this

    Also read those:
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    Yeah I myself use some popular antivirus program, actually I've participated in a competition that require me to make an antivirus program. Any idea where I can get definition files.

    Thx a lot,

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    As for book i recommend the following

    The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense

    Secondly for good virus resources see VX Heavens

    As for virus patterns there are'nt any freely available, since you are participating in a competition
    pick a few viruses from VX heavens and make your own.

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    thats not entirely true, theres an opensource antivirus on called ClamWin im not sure if its cross platform, and i could even be mistaken if its open source but anything ive ever downloaded from the forge is OS. or perhaps contribute to their efforts for this free AV?

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