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    Yeah, cat, all you have to do is look at the handles folks use here, like Tiger Shark ...

    Just kidding, he's a lamb in shark's clothing. Most of us are really nice people who would bend over backward to help. But there are some ...

    And, of course, all of this is public. Kinda like hangin' the unmentionables out on the line to dry ...

    next to the freeway ...

    where the whole world can get a look.

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    The most you can relly do here is report the abuse to the ISP provider. Keep in mind that most ISP providers do not accept "file attachments" in abuse reports, so make sure the applicable information within the e-mail is only text.

    You also may be interested to know that most big ISP's only keep e-mail information for around 2 days, and a warrant is required prior to researching or providing information on their customers. To take legal action on an e-mail, the situation normally requires for the abuse to be ongoing and consistently repetitive. You can find specific information on "client abuse information disclosure" on most ISP websites. However I could not readily fin this type of information on the Alltel.net website. I did find the following

    From the Alltellwebsite

    As an ALLTEL customer, you may not:
    Send a harassing or unwanted solicitation by e-mail.
    Send the same (or substantially similar) unsolicited e-mail message to an excessive number of recipients. This practice is known as "Spamming."
    Send multiple unwanted e-mail messages to the same address, or send any e-mail that provokes a complaint to ALLTEL from the recipient.
    Continue to send e-mail to a specific address after the recipient or ALLTEL has requested you to stop such transmissions.
    Falsify your e-mail address, or any other identification information, while using our service.
    Use e-mail to originate chain e-mails or originate or forward pyramid-type schemes.
    Use a mail server to relay or intercept e-mail without the expressed permission of the owner, or operate a mail server to relay or intercept e-mail.
    Place your web site address, which you have hosted through ALLTEL, on unsolicited commercial messages.
    ALLTEL reserves the right to cancel e-mail messages and/or restrict the size of e-mail distribution lists.
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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