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    Originally posted here by SirDice
    Don't confuse sudo with su.. su will ask for the root password.. sudo will ask for the user's password. On BSD you need to be a member of the wheel group to su (don't need it on linux)..
    And don't confuse Linux for BSD or me for an idiot, I know the difference between su and sudo and I use both. it asked me for ROOT'S password.

    JUST typed this again:

    sudo mount

    The only password it accepts is ROOT... Now, PLEASE do NOT assume me an idiot again.

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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention Suse also has a weird /etc/sudoers file that uses the "rootpw" by default instead of "targetpw". If you change it to "targetpw" you might want to change %users ALL=(ALL) ALL to root ALL=(ALL) ALL as well.

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