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    I know some here don't really put much stock into Steve Gibson over at GRC, so pretend it's someone else kay

    Anyways, there is a nice little app:

    GRC's "MouseTrap" MICE detection utility,
    and the facts about Windows Metafile
    Image Code Execution
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    Don't have windows here..
    GRC's free MouseTrap utility is compatible with all versions of Windows and the WINE Windows emulator. It determines whether the Windows system under test will execute arbitrary code contained within specially formatted metafile images:
    So tested it on Wine 0.9.5 which seemed to have MICE
    Then tested Cedega 4.4-1 which had no MICE..
    And the new Wine 0.9.6 which was released yesterday.. and is also has no MICE..

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    Gibson has kind of gone off on some strange tangients, but he ain't totally bad. I like some of his tools. Wizmo is my favorite. Thanks for the link.

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