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Thread: D/L speed measurement

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    Unhappy D/L speed measurement

    Just a quickie :
    I would like to be able to check the speed of the link from my ADSL router out.
    I have a 1MB broadband account, but the length of time to D/L seems to vary enormously
    but as I'm on a LAN set up via a 100Mbps switch, when I look to check on speed it only shows 100Mbps

    question is : is there a piece of S/W I can get that will tell me the speed of whatever I am D/Ling ?
    Or, is there a place I can check within Windows [XPPro] to find the same details.

    I'm posting here first, and am now off into cyber city to search on my quest

    I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a REAL stupid question, but today is turning into a real stupid day, so I thought I'd get the set
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    I have found this to be fairly reliable.
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