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Thread: How to upgrade bios

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    How to upgrade bios

    I have an BIOS A09 from Dell Inspire , and I need to do an upgrade from 09 to at least A22 , becouse the one I use in this moment does not see my pci video card . Any other posibility ? If so please reply . Than you very much .
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    Go to Dell, enter in the system code.

    Go to downloads and download the BIOS update. You will need a floppy disk.

    Dell should have a how to there also.

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    You didn't really provide much info. I haven't seen the main board on your computer, however I worked on a Dell the other day and it had an onboard video card. Does your's also have one and you are attempting to upgrade by using a PCI card? Unfortunately I have heard that you may experience great difficultly in getting the onboard video to stop being the default. Most likely propriety isses and of course they want you to send the box to Dell for all of your upgrades.

    However if you do have an onboard one and are trying to upgrade with a PCI, not neccessarily in this order since I don't have the manual or software that came with your card, you will need to:

    -- Following the instructions that came with the new card, because somewhere in the process you'll need to install the software for your new video card.
    -- Enter the BIOS and set the video hardware section to "auto" vice "onboard" (which is the default).
    -- If XP detects it great! Might ask for the cd for the drivers. However...
    -- In windows device manager disable the onboard video

    Also, how far along in the boot up process do you get? The reason I ask is that I noticed that you have i386 as your name. Are you using a linux distro that doesn't see the card?

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    In any case, it is a good idea to keep the BIOS up to date. Get the current one and get it burned in. If you really are 13 revs back on the Dell BIOS, the new version will provide performance and security improvements.

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    "Dell Inspire"???????????? is this a laptop we are talking about?

    If you have just inserted a PCI video card, please check in the BIOS to make sure that you have DISABLED the previous, or probably onboard video facility.

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