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Thread: I need some input please help!!!

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    I need some input please help!!!

    Alright I am in a pickel What do you thinks has more upside in the future.

    Future in web design ex Web Sites

    Or a bigger future in programming

    I like them both equally but I want to know which one i have better making money.

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    I would suspect that a future in programming can lead to higher pay than a future in web design since web design is a bit simplier than programming.

    In terms of an upside I still agree with programming, since you can always make a good program and sell it, well you might need a good website to put it on though

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    Ha! (and welcome to AO, by the way )

    Web design will be around forever. My prediction would be that it will split into the designer/director types, who will know naff all about actually building a site, and the code monkeys who make it happen.

    On the other hand, programming will be there forever, but what language? These will always change.

    My advice is to ask yourself: "what do I want to be doing when I am forty years old?"

    That might give you a bit of direction?

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    Since the DOT.COM bust, in my geographical area, things have changed significantly in the technology front. Programming, web design and sometimes even network management and--shivver--security, have been shipped off-shore, or just plain evaporated.

    There are a lot of programmers and web designers in this area looking for work and competing for all too few positions. There are even more coders and web geeks that used to be here and left for greener pastures and to compete in markets (and accept the lower pay) in the midwest and east coast. This may change, or may not, in the future.

    Those companies that shipped their production work over to India or other countries are going to become the next poster children for the "how stupid could you get" campaign. But, that will take some time to shake out, and even longer to bring the work and jobs back to the US.

    What you will find in the current market place is that no one wants to pay for either web design or programming, unless they are buying work from one of the major players in design or development, or contracting with an independent that has a lot of experience or a great track record in either field.

    The outfit I currently work for is in the middle of a multi-year project to redesign their core business systems. There is a huge amount of coding, recoding, and porting (COBOL to something newer). I'd guess that 90 percent of the new code is not generated by a US coder. Just 10 percent is done in-house.

    Okay, I told you all that to tell you this: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. You are young and have a lot in front of you. Learn more than just coding and just web design. Learn something about networks and hardware. Keep flexible. Learn to communicate effectively and professionally. Take a creative writing class. Keep the brain cells firing.

    Life tends to bring things that you don't expect. Don't limit the experiences you could possibly have by traveling down one tunnel.

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    Look at the staticstics as to who pays for what in your local area. Programming is great but you will have to have a masters to get any real pay, and gotta no a good company that requires your skills. WEB design is also good and again you will need a high level degree for any serious money. I suggest going into a little bit of both, make your self more flexiable across the board, you know. But you need to do the research as to what is avaliable in your area, and also remember what is wanted now may not be needed 4 to 6 years from now. (job wise).

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