Ok Gents and Ladies,

I have recently have undergone the task of learning a programming language and I hate spending money on books so the majority of the time I am googling the subject but I thought we could try and compile a list of the most visited websites we use for web developing. It would be for whatever. But in the end I will compile the all the websites listed into a file for quick references for those who are like me and seem to hit a wall sometimes in the design phase. And these can be anytype whether it is fonts, code snippits, inspiration whatever. Please leave a description of the site with the link.

Link - http://www.devshed.com/
Desciption - Open Source Web Development Tutorials

I know that most people here have been to devshed but its and examply. I would like to get a big list compiled I will categorize it and then post it for download. You can then download it to your desktop for easy reference.

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