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Thread: The Steelers rule

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    The Steelers rule

    I think I mentioned that my boys were going to the SuperBowl. If I neglected to mention that then let me just say THE BUS IS GOING TO DETROIT!!!!!

    Anyone who doubted that... you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Headline reads - "The Steelers go into Denver and smack them in the chops."

    Any comments besides "Wooohoooo!!!"?
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    I could'a swore the Steelers and the Seahawks were using the same playbook yesterday. Either that or the Broncos and the Panthers just never showed up for the games.

    This time two weeks from now, I'll be mourning one or the other. It should be a great SuperBowl!

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    Okay, I knew that the Steelers were going to be able to handle the Broncos, that one was easy to predict. But I really thought the SeaHawks were going to have their hands full with the Panthers. Who were those masked men, cause they sure weren't the Panthers that have been playing the rest of the year. Not that I'm a big fan of the Panthers, but damn, I fell asleep during the game it was so dull!

    I hope this is a good Super Bowl, not one of those lame blow-out ones. Either way, I've got a ton of people coming to my house and lots of libations to enjoy, so if it's a blow out, it'll still be fun!
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    The Steelers are a very physical team and they are going to score. Seattle is much smaller on the front lines, however they want to win and can handle the rush pretty well. This may well be the best Super Bowl Game we have seen in a long time. Hopefully they'll both have their game hats in two weeks!

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    The Bus stops here in Detroit....you just know that he will try to carry the entire steelers team into the end zone, noway,nohow is he going to come up short.....

    Too bad it's indoors, I would rather see them play outside, then it would be a drag em down type of game, espescially seeing as how the outside temp in Michigan can be a killer this time of year.....

    Go Steelers.......one for the thumb.....
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    Not that I'm a fan of Steeltown, but I was glad to see them make it to the big show - a friend of mine is bigtime for Steeltown, so he is a happy man right now.. I'm glad to see that the Bus will get to play in the biggest game of his life before his retirement. I thought that Choke, err, sorry, Jake Plummer and his boys might give the Steelers just a bit more of trouble but apparently not.

    On the other hand, I'm glad to see the Panthers lose - I live extremely close to Panther central and everyone around here, including most of my friends are Panther fanatics - I personally hate 'em, but that's my opinion - I'm glad they're gone - I've heard nothing but **** talk all season long and last night was my time to talk smack a bit......

    All things considered, come Feb 5th, it should be a great game.. I can't wait...
    - Maverick

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    Congrats to your Steelers. I gotta admit, they are lookin' good! Although I didn't put any faith into Roethlisberger, that kid is something man!

    I am putting my money on the Steelers now, as much as I want the Seahawks to win, I'm pulling for Pitt!

    Man! I wish I was talking about the the Vikings right now.

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    If it's any consolation, I really wish I was talking about the Jags right now. Oh well. Maybe next year!
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    Lol the Super bowl in detroit.

    I can hear the coach..."OK team, it's 12 degrees and the people outside are armed"... Lol. Maybe I should go. My cousin is friends with Kid rock, that should get me a ticket.

    who is everyone rooting for? I need to pick a team...

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    It should be a very good game, but Seattle will win of course (you heard it first here).

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