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Thread: Best PIM Software?

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    Best PIM Software?


    Any suggestions about what you use in Personal Information Management (PIM) software...? There are so many out there and they all claim to be the best... The one I'm using now is very good, but, I'm always on the lookout for other software user suggestions and/or recomendatons. So before I settle down with what I already have, I want to look at what others are using. Once I get real comfortable with mine; I wouldn't want to find myself transferring all my personal data all over again for another software download. I've done that too many times. I need to make a final decision on this...but that's hard for me to do.

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    Depends on your requirements, but I have enjoyed using PHP Wiki as my PIM. Not only can you format any way you want, but you can share with anyone on your local network!

    If you have good experience on using Wiki its very, very powerful.

    What kind of requirements do you have?

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