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    Browser prefetch

    Goto Google. Search for ’selinux’.

    You now have a Cookie from, and your Firefox browser has downloaded Nice implementations of privacy Firefox team. Good job.

    WTF? I was reading in another thread
    about prefetch in the mozilla firefox family of browsers, and the more I research, the more
    I reach for my tinfoil hat.

    Firefox, in its default configuration, does indeed download and cache any document or page
    marked for prefetch by a web page.

    <!--a--><div><p class=g><!--m--><link rel="prefetch"
     href=""><a class=l
     href="">Security-Enhanced Linux</a>
    Sure enough, the first result in a google search is marked for prefetch.
    Anybody else annoyed by this?
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    Hey Hey,

    Could this actually be a point in favour of IE after everyone fighting against it and promoting firefox...

    IE now has speed and the lack of prefetch over Firefox.... and the DevToolBar that MS released makes it even better...

    Page Source When Searching with Firefox (as rcgreen pointed out)...
    <p class=g><!--m--><link rel="prefetch" href=""><a class=l href="">Security-Enhanced Linux</a>
    Same Search... page Source from IE
    <p class=g><a class=l href="" onmousedown="return clk(this.href,'res','1','')">Security-Enhanced Linux</a>
    Search Page URL:

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