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Thread: What did you do after graduation ?

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    What did you do after graduation ?

    Just wondering, what did everyone do after they graduated ?

    Any interesting stories or advice ?

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    I only finished my studys 6 months ago, currently i'm working for a company doing project and cisco work, basically i'm pimped out to clients to fix whatever major problems are happening on their network that either there primary i.t. can't fix or the other case is that they have no i.t. people on site to help.

    In the past 6 months I have encountered issue's and really challenged my knowledge of i.t. I wouldn't continue to do this forever because i currently working with a wide variety of systems and in the end I want to really work on security related systems, but for the next few years I will build up as much knowledge on as many different systems.

    Just my two cents


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    Graduated with Honors in Pharmacology

    Signed on the dole and was unemployed for 3 months.

    Did a postgrad in IT which had a work placement..

    Met director of a small new company through the work placement and worked as an ASP/web monkey for 18 months before it went bust.

    Unemployed (officially) for another 3 months but worked cash in hand for a while wiring the network and organising the telecoms for a motor dealership.

    Got job as a IT tech at a fee paying school, worked there for 3 years before moving to current employer where I am the Information Officer for Information Security. Which is that I work on compliance and auditing most of the time. Now working towards CISSP which employer is paying for.

    Advice?? What do you want to do? I dunno, work when you can and try to work in as many different areas doing as many different things as you can. Unless you want to be a specialist in which case be ready to retrain when you get outsourced.

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    unemployed for 6 months because of the competition on my field.
    planned to immigrate to canada but the problem now is i don't have any relatives or friends that can give me an affidavit of support.... you know what... it's my dream!
    now am here in middle east where i was working...etc...

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    cool, thanks for the replies.

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